Simplify IT

The Complete IT Solution
Our Complete IT solution provides a fully outsourced IT solution to businesses. While typical consultants simply troubleshoot and repair computers and networks, Chaseton Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically to help companies plan, manage, and optimize their business technology. Experience a dedicated technology team at a significantly reduced cost.

In addition to unlimited support and proactive system assessments & maintenance, Chaseton Technology Solutions goes even further by offering you the ability to accrue free professional services hours, which you can use towards any IT project. This allows you to not only be completely supported, but to implement new technologies to help your business achieve success.

Software Development

Chaseton Technology Solutions has extensive experience in developing custom software and websites. Our project teams deliver on time and on budget. We encompass software architecture, project management, interface design, database modeling, administration & optimization, software programming, and quality assurance.

Chaseton Technology Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner and we exclusively develop software solutions under this single platform. By focusing our talents we are able to accelerate development time while reducing cost. We specialize in developing .Net applications that are easy to use, easy to learn, and easily exceed their expected ROI.

For web development, Chaseton Technology Solutions utilizes ASP.Net, AJAX, XML, and Flex to provide rich internet applications. Although we develop solely on the Microsoft platform, we always include cross-browser support.

Technology Consulting

People are the lifeblood of your organization and information is the air they breathe. We put our expertise and knowledge to work for you by making sure the systems they use work – and work together.

From the bottom layers of the network infrastructure to the top layers of application integration, we help you get the most from everything that supports the flow and processing of information. Our technology consultants' capabilities span the broadest range of services. If the technology involves your corporate network, chances are we have certified and experienced systems engineers to help.